It must be said, and it must be said now.

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Postby Telephalsion » Mon Jan 30, 2006 2:49 pm

As long as you have some respect you're not completely spoiled, but it's impossible to be as grateful as a poor person who's struggled to the top in an honest manner. Not nessesarily poor, but you get the idea.
Greatchickenman wrote:I'm up for any type of female at least once.

Any type of female.
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Postby Aegis » Mon Jan 30, 2006 7:34 pm

If I was rich, I wouldn't waste my existance like that. Popularity-obsessive trendwhoring... Yeah, waste of money as well as waste of a life.
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Postby Forerunner » Mon Jan 30, 2006 8:53 pm

I don't follow trends. And I'm not rich. Even if I was rich I wouldn't.

I'm not going to go into a hugeass long rant about everyone doing their own thing, because I couldn't care less about it, but I do think that following trends and 'Popularity-obsessive trendwhoring' is lame, and shit, and gay, and fucked up, so on so forth, basically I don't like it at all.
Black-Cat wrote:Only the ones with egos made of steel can withstand the scourge of emotional deterioration often referred to as "having no life".
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Postby Greatchickenman » Wed Feb 01, 2006 6:57 pm

Aegis wrote:Tell me, is there rampant homosexuality in that town? Because it sure as hell sounds like it. A world defined by MTV... God, it's almost making me barf.

You're a dumbass
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Postby Aegis » Wed Feb 01, 2006 7:23 pm

Greatchickenman wrote:
Aegis wrote:Tell me, is there rampant homosexuality in that town? Because it sure as hell sounds like it. A world defined by MTV... God, it's almost making me barf.

You're a dumbass

Thank you so very much. :)

EDIT: In other words, I am aware of how blatant a post-count-plus-one that is, and I salute you for pointing it out.
Shop smart, shop S-Mart.

<Jeramyu> I'm going to mistranslate our own anime, and piss ourselves off.
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Re: It must be said, and it must be said now.

Postby Ghoti » Wed May 04, 2011 5:05 am

Teenr0cker wrote:Reaper and Gentlemen, I do believe that our worst of fears has made itself very clear. Inactivity.

With Episode 6 out on the net, kicking the ever abundant ass it kicks, we have no definite future, as you well know. However, I do believe we decided on a sort of "just keep swimming" method to deal with this. In order to show my support, I present what I hope to be a powerful series of ideas. Whether it's a rant or an objective description of the situation is entirely your decision.

May I note that this was originally drafted this last winter, during one of my insomnia sprees in montana. I had recently visited Tijuana on a missionary trip, as some of you have heard, and I now believe that I have a great deal of perspectives on the extremes in terms of wealth and such. The following presentation is not suitable for children under the IQ of dumbfuck, however Tom Clancy can't keep the sub-dumbfucks from reading this or do anything about it and neither can I. Enjoy.

Yes, yes, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "Goddamn Teen! That's the third topic in the last week or so!" right? Either that or something about 'killing them all', but I'll go with the former to further my discussion for today.

Today, as with many days, I have been forced to notice a few quirks while living with the poeple that give La Canada that sour taste to the mention of mankind...Yes, I am openly dissing the multi-million dollar friggin mansions I've seen in the area below the main street called "Foothill Blvd." which streches across at least 8 different towns. Yes, friggin mansions. La canada is that shiny sparkle among the shit where all the businessmen commute to from their jobs in L.A.. Naturally, this being California, and the L.A. County nonetheless, one might actually expect this resultant to form somewhere in the L.A. County, and it has, as you would see if you ever paid my hometown a visit.

Now, I'm only pointing these facts out for two reasons: Nobody has made any suggestion of such a state with such a fucked up city might be my hometown and to emphasise that with middle-upper parents comes snotty ass brats, brought up in the ideal suburban lifestyle, most including the ever bland "little timmy the (Baseball/Football/Field&Track/Soccer) Star who maintains a perfect straight A average in all his AP classes all while dating some chearleader the parents approve of" sort of deal. However...

That little timmy complex gets fucked up somewhere along the way because of different factors. As a reminder, I would like to tell you all that I am not at all proud of my hometown, and I am not mentioning the fact that I live in this little ideal utopia gone-wrong to brag about any possible financial elevation I may or may not have over any of you, for such ignorant bullshit is the sort of thing Inderos did, which he actually blatently did, making himself one of the elite few that actually can piss me off by simply saying something; it could be something I agree with, hell, it could be a compliment towards me, and I still would loathe him with every fiber of my being. I don't care if your parents are the friggin epitome of the stereotypical door-to-door salesman or they work for an online service, just as long as they work damn hard to get the money they deserve on payday, like I know my dad does. I say this to clarify, once again, that I'm not concerned with anybody's financial superiority or inferiority and that I'm bringing up my hometown so that I might make a good point. I hope that you will see that so that you may understand my statements. Now that I've clarified that, I will continue knowing you all will read on with that stance in mind.

I mentioned previously that I experienced many 'quirks' daily. As some of you that frequent the IRC channel I hang out in more than others may know, I am once again in the great state of montana (/sarcasm) to ...erm...enjoy spending my holiday without any of my friends with me with limited access to the internet (I resort to relying on my old buddy 'insomnia' to solve that problem) during the day. I mean, sure, the lake's beautiful all year round, and the 8 hours of seemingly sunless grey skies before it turns pitch-black, the fresh air, the local girls that are so painstakingly easy to intrigue once you mention that you're from L.a., but GOD DAMN!! one can only tolerate it ever so long! I've gone up to montana every summer vacation and holiday break since 1998, which is just one more incentive to go to summer school, so as to be with friends. Ah, so, sorry for that rant, but it has a point. This isolation with only family means I spend time with my retarded pot-smoking, medication stealing, knife-at-school wielding, 2-inch spike embroidering, nonconformist, screaming-death-metal (the low, unclear, uncool kind) brother, who makes me glad to know I'm adopted daily. He's a freshman and has been on parole (sp?) since he was in 8th grade and won't be off for another 4 months, so just from these facts alone we can conclude that he isn't making the best of choices, right? Good to see we're clear on this before I proceed.

In his year, he's popular.

You read that right. It's amazing. He has the same qualities that other timmy-gone-wrongs in La Canada have: An infatuation with being incredibly fit (which means going out of their way just to look freshman! Nobody's gonna care about a freshman with pecs unless they get him on the varsity football team), using his cell phone to call or text the most often and at the most god-aweful times in the middle of the night, which I then take the liberty to answer to mess with the girl's (it's always been a girl...I shit you not) head a bit, they never respect anyone who actually deserves it, like awesome teachers who listen to power metal because of you, they often soak up new media and culture from MTV and MTV2, both which are a shame of society, always make damn sure their face is as blemish-free as they can (and they'll take hour-long showers to clean themselves and condition their 'ever-so-desirable' hair), and distinguish themselves as something I want to label a "social-techie". I am not simply describing my brother Adam at this point. No no no, I am describing people I once considered best of friends for all of elementary school. These are all first-hand experiences I am recalling, several of them witnessed far too often for me to count.

What's worse about La Canada is that we're...well, goddamn, despite being a border state with the highest number of illegal migrants (this is a very well-founded assumption...we're still waiting for the census results to come ba-...wait, nevermind, I'm right) in our country, we are a very very asian and white community. There are a whole lot of white people at our school, no doubt about it, and the "omfg soj kekeke" gangsta asians are hard to miss. This leaves one particular minority out of the picture...Where are the blacks? I know it might seem blunt, but African-American is just too damn long, and it isn't a derogitory term, however, I tend to be cautious about Black racism considering the country's history with hate and such. Any ways, there so many blacks at our school that you can count them with both hands and still have fingers to spare. Now, I am totally pro-integrated living if the situation allows, so don't get me wrong on that. But damn has the lack of a mass-number of dark-skinned kids and families ever had a bad effect on a city. You see, I've witnessed an eminem-equivalent walking around in the mall and making a dick out of himself... he actually dropped out of my high school recently, so it doesn't suprise me. Well Mr. Dick encounters an innocent bystander who happens to be black. This did not bode well, as you'd imagine. I'll skip the details and just say that it was very obvious that Mr. Dick was a huge poser whitey and the bystander had the courtesy, on behalf of mankind, to inform Mr. Dick that he was a dumbfuck who thinks that acting like a black gangsta made him exotic and interesting. See, I would very much enjoy bringing this man to my school for a day. Let me explain after I put in a linebreak so that this doesn't look so intimidating to read.

This lack of different race besides Asian, mexican, and white had allowed every person to think "hey, I watch MTV! I know the most popular music is indeed made by black artists! Therefore, I must mimic the culture and be a gangsta to get me some bitches and hoes".

I'll let that sink in for a minute...........aaand done. Yeah, see, the few blacks at my school are AUTOMATICALLY deemed awesome homeboys/homegirls (hey, better than being isolated and segregated). Just so long as they don't stray from the path of the "gangsta" stereotype which is attached to their skin color. This easily allows a newcomer to identify certain types of people based on a quick observation. And guess what? These same assholes my brother is like? Yeah, you guessed it. They're also "homies". This may be a matter of opinion, but it is my firm belief that, at least exclusively in my school/case, all homeboy's are dickheads. I can't speak from up-to-date recent experiences, say, in the last month, but I can say that I have been forced into situations with these dumbasses far too often.

Note: I don't know all of your friends, or every aspect of your lives, so I apologize if I make any incorrect statements about anyone you know. I remind you that I live in la Canada, the "Bubble town", where regular rules don't seem to apply.

Well, I'm really done with the whole "Homeboys are dickheads" part...[/TISM song title jack]

Another aspect I wanna touch on real quick, hopefully, is drugs. Us being Bubbleville means that the kiddies all have plenty of great pocket money, right? Correct in many cases! And what do they spend it on since they don't have to pay for gas or for car insurance or their new *bling*? That's damn right! Hardcore drugs! Not just a little Pot...We're talking a community where Pot-Apples are on the menu daily as a side-dish. Kids shoot up in our bathroom and go to class on a constant basis. And the leniency is incredible in the school system here. It seems in Bubbleville, CA, the first coupla drug offenses never get *officially* reported to the police...And they have 100% accurate 5-minute drug tests, both urine and blood, always ready. My point is goddamn do we have some fucking spoiled pricks in our town. I mean, it's almost incredible how spoiled some of the kids are. I personally stay away from these sorts of people because I believe I'm able to see through their bullshit. And I'm not the first. A very good friend of mine delivered a well-written and shocking speech for graduation last June. In it, he boldy pointed out our homeboy flaw, our drug usage issue, our jocks barely making it with a 2.0 GPA who are going to amazing colleges on scholarship, even though they will most likely screw their lives and careers up with a single injury, keeping the place from rioting from being told news that they don't like by explaining that we must all traverse out from the bubble one day. It was actually very funny.

Ah, before it slips my mind. I must say something about my Social-Techie term. This may very well proceed to surpass my comments on homeboys in size many times over. Social-techies, or ST's, are the ignorant socializing jerks on the football teams and the cheer squads and the "I'm-on-asb-for-my-incredible-boobs ASB members" we all know and loathe with a flaming fury of a million suns, but with a twist. I use the phrase "techie" in order to describe the habits of these despised social-whores. See, I know for a fact what is a prime example of a social-techie. I live with 3 of them. My brother, and my still-taken-by-the-6'5"-soldier-norweigian-still-hot-enough-for-Porter Sister, in addition to a guest in our family household, who's been living with us since late August.

Her name is kim, short for kimberly, she's white, but of spanish descent, which isn't really noticable. She makes me feel overweight the way I've seen her eat sometimes. She's currently age 19 ( 8) ), a former ASB president (the preppy hippy kind), head of cheer (as in cheerleader), and currenty houseless because her future new daddy was like me and hated her stupid Social-Techie lifestyle of extreme moochery. It comes to me as no small suprise that she's currently cheating with 2 different guys. See, ST's have this tendency to be in a mindset that because they look above average, they are now "Extraordinary People", for lack of a better "Crime and Punishment" reference. She's an ideal example of an ST: ys all the newest technology she can, seeing as how the technologically savvy are the ones who will survive in the day of tommorow (in which I'm refering to the great robot wars and the eventual Matrix that is on it's way into coming into actual existence, lawl). But seriously, technology is something you cannot ignore any less than you could yesterday or the day before or the year before. Companies give websites in addition to phone lines, messaging has evolved beyond the ancient IRC chatroom, songs from your favorite R&B artist are just sitting there, ripe for the ripping from other people on a p2p server, incredible functions you'd never think could be replaced are now in the form of Camera phones with video recording capabilities, games, pictures, IM'ing, even web browsing. With all this new technology, it is never uncommon for a good percentage of the Pop-Jock-Cheerleadering crowd to not only accept this new wave of technology, but to abuse it and whore it like the whorable thing the internet is. iPods and other portable Mp3 players are now a must in the social-techie group, and the more impulse-buying in terms of other players (the nano and the mini are prime examples, as well as upgrading to the iPod photo and then the iPod video, as soon as they get out). They get the newest most expensive telephones they possibly can and 2 weeks later they've lost it already, or they've broken it (*cough*Kim-broke-her-new-motorolla-razor-already*cough*), load all the apps they can onto it, and basically die without it. If there is a single piece of communicative technology, I assure you, La Canada has at least twenty within the first week.

These technological-trendy fools are the same people who try and decide between the suped-up escalade or the cute little "Think" golf-cart thing I've seen in town far to often. Their lifestyle depends on them always getting more and more technology. They will do anything and everything to be as technologically savvy as us, the user-friendly people we *all* must be in order to avoid making them feel stupid. There is never a more depressing feeling than looking in my laptop's history after they've used it to find about a gig of videos and music, all cached from, as well as 200 different pages visited in the past 5 hours. I wish I could tell the entire world a very important message, like a pop up window that would alert every person, just once, that while they may be posting something accessable by *anybody and everybody* on the internet, not everyone will be reading it, so stop putting up the whole "Oh, teehee, I'm so hip and cute world! Adore me and my countless inside jokes that I will now make reference to in my blog! Oh and don't forget to post lots and lots of comments teehee!"act, because it's getting insulting. It has gone and ascended beyond a simple "oh, hey, yeah, I've got a blog for friends and family since I can't spend 20 minutes explaining why such and such is doing something because doing so would require me to call them each long-distance, and I prefer not to waste my time". I have seen kids who are *NEXT DOOR NEIGHBORS!!!* post blogs to eachother.....while each was on god, the way technology is abused by these ST's is almost's almost like a disease....that's right, La Canada is filled with STD-afflicted people.

Now this may just be another rant of mine that I should just keep in my harddrive and never ever post this. Ever. However, I can consider the conception of this rant as two different things: Either this is a message on my beliefs that the world does certainly suck more in certain parts than others, despite their finances, and that in the given conditions, humans can not be the moral ethical people we want them to be. Or maybe this is a rant of me taking out my anger towards these STD infected people because I am human as well and so I must have my own flaws, which may include prejudice and poor judgement. More error may be created due to personal conflicts such as negative feelings of difference or social isolation in some situations, which would be a given considering how things work out sometimes when these ST's and Timmy-gone-wrongs are so numerous and often are in organizations I have attended (youth services, etc). However, one must then question how can we deem anything valid or invalid? Who are we to judge when we are flawed ourselves? Such is the circle of insanity that is human emotion.

This being the zany forum I know it to be, I can expect less than perfect maturity given the fact that it's usually all in good fun that I would recieve a sarcastic comment or two, but that's life. However, I have chosen to post this for the specific reason that I would hope that you would allow this thread to serve it's purpose properly. I want your input. I want to stimulate your mind into thinking. I choose to create topics and threads because I think it's always important to keep thinking. I think that we don't consider things too deeply, and so I would like to think that I am helping you out by bringing these subjects up. I am one who values intellect, despite some of my actions sometimes, and I find that one way to entertain myself in a positive way is through observation of other people and their reactions.

And before I am branded as the Holden of the forums, the "Phony" Finder, I would remind you that I am willing to admit my being a "phony"....if you don't understand who I'm talking about, go the fuck outside and read Catcher in the Rye.....

After reading that phrase above, I have decided to answer some questions before they arise...Yes, yes, we did put a billboard outside your house that had catcher in the rye written painstakingly small on it, so read it already. Go outside and read your brand new billboard.

I agree.
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Re: It must be said, and it must be said now.

Postby War » Sun May 15, 2011 11:28 pm

Not going to read all of that again. Is this the old topic where Teen said he was leaving the forum?
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