Games similar to the way

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Games similar to the way

Postby Conto » Sat Feb 22, 2014 4:39 pm

I absolutely loved the way and can easily call it the best game I ever played (and I've played a lot of them). However, after replaying it 3 times in its entirety, I wonder, is there any game with similarly good story and/or character depth,...
On this forum there should probably be people with a similar taste in games as mine (we all love the way). So, what do you recommend?
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Re: Games similar to the way

Postby Xand1 » Sun Feb 23, 2014 12:52 am

Three the hard way
Starless Umbra
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Re: Games similar to the way

Postby VVayfarer » Mon Feb 24, 2014 2:44 am

I'd like to know this as well. None of the 'real' games I've played (mostly JRPGs and ones like LoZ, but also many of the more popular western ones like The Witcher, ME, Dishonoured, TES) have had a story as refined as that of The Way. Off the top of my head, FF7, the MGS series and Chrono Trigger are great. There are tons of good JRPGs too, if you don't mind a little roughness around the edges (which I recommend esp. if you (want to) study Japanese by playing games). Take the BoF series for example, or some of the newer Fire Emblems. Especially the PS & PS2 have a rich variety to choose from.

The only 'games' that I've played whose stories are as amazing as that of The Way, however, are visual novels. My top three games are, in no particular order, FSN, Umineko and The Way, all of whom I consider 10/10, both story-wise and on the whole. None of them are great in terms of graphics, but fans of The Way know it isn't really a factor anyway. Umineko has no gameplay though, and FSN only gives plot-related choices and nothing else, so if you're only searching for 'real' games you'll have to keep looking.

Then there are games that are genre-wise visual novels but have some actual gameplay as well. I love the Ace Attorney series for example. If you want something more serious, Lux Pain is very good, but you ought to play it in Japanese due to the bad quality of the localization.

On another note, once I've finished my service in the army and have some free time again, I'll check out the games Xand1 mentioned. Thanks for the suggestions.
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