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Re: Music tracking (again)

PostPosted: Fri Jun 13, 2014 10:14 am
by VVayfarer
I'm 99% sure that Bcastle is originally from the game "Romance of the Three Kingdoms (V, probably)". Here's the soundtrack, the original starts at 16:33 - .

Re: Music tracking (again)

PostPosted: Sat Jan 23, 2016 3:15 am
by RedMoonRising04

Ran in to this and instantly had flashbacks of The Way. Damn brought me to tears T_T but it looks like someone else ran in to it before me and posted it here :) So glad we finally found out BCastle after all these years...! Next, the PlayBattle please!! still dunno where that's from :(

Re: Music tracking (again)

PostPosted: Wed Apr 29, 2020 9:48 pm
by hbhollandlive
Well, since the board is still up, in the interest of archival accuracy I want to add a few things to the music list that weren't quite right as of this post:

A+aeka - "Sad Ayeka" from Tenchi Muyo

Bsadromance - "Lose One's Illusions" from Star Ocean: Second Story

Abuta - "Blue Sky of the Adriatic Sea" from Porco Rosso Image Album
It's on Spotify @, Youtube only has cover versions

BCastle - from Romance of the Three Kingdoms V, as VVayfarer stated, which led me to find the Sega Saturn version, on which the MIDI is based. Again, no Youtube link, but it's "3G_08" on this page: or "16 BGM_RYUUBI" on this page:

And since C_Fashion_Botique never had a YT link to begin with, here's a current one*:

Mainly I just want someone else to find this and appreciate BGM_RYUUBI as much as I did. It's so good that after I downloaded it, my BCastle.mid quit playing properly!

*All Youtube links guaranteed to break within 12 months or by the time anyone reads this, whichever comes first.

Re: Music tracking (again)

PostPosted: Sat May 02, 2020 11:35 am
by EmperorJeramyu
Thanks! I updated the list. I'm aware a bunch of the links are broken, I'll see if I can fix them up at some point.

The first posting of this list predates youtube actually, so links were hard to come by. Even early youtube didn't have people uploading soundtracks in bulk like they do now, so I'm not surprised some we didn't have links for at the time can be found now.

Re: Music tracking (again)

PostPosted: Tue May 12, 2020 2:00 am
by hbhollandlive
Hey thanks, Jeramyu! I wasn't expecting any response for a few more years. My impetus for posting was that I finally got around to making my own MP3 soundtrack and I was hoping the passage of time would uncover the sources of some of the unknown songs. I've sat through so many hours of old RPG soundtracks listening for something I recognized, but all I found were better sources for songs that we already kind of knew where they came from. But I figured I'd share what I had since I'd been checking on this topic for years and thought that surely some other lurker would appreciate it.

While I'm at it, I'll share my tracklist for putting the songs in order of appearance. A few notes:

- I did not include Salvation's Name because I didn't have it in my version and I wasn't sure where it showed up originally.

- Magical Mystical doesn't appear in gameplay, so I didn't bother listing it.

- Were Buta, Hope We Can Do It, Look See Die, or Love Actually Maybe ever used in earlier versions of episodes? Because there are definitely no references to them in the final cut, but I hate not having a proper place on the list for them (I'll pass on Aeris' theme though).

- Episode 6's tracklist is of course a matter of personal taste. I based this off a Youtube playthrough (and not the most thorough one) to save time.

Code: Select all
01 A Time and a Place
02 The Way
03 The Lagoon
04 Brave
05 Strata
06 Into the Breach
07 Venturing Deeper
08 Confrontation
09 Little Town
10 Horror Awaits
11 Aeka
12 Peace Town
13 Sephiroth
14 Sad Choice

01 Gaius
02 Good Bad Ugly
03 Happy ParadeS
04 Something Amiss
05 Catacomb
06 Searching Past
07 Game Over
08 Bar
09 Build Up
10 Seether
11 Easy Waiting

01 New Determination
02 Water Cave
03 Urgent Action
04 Slade
05 Gag
06 Problem
07 Truth Hides Nothing
08 The Pits
09 Scatha
10 End of the Way
11 Zombie
12 Happy Building
13 Eclipse

01 Night
02 Palace
03 Canon in D
04 Castle
05 Lexus
06 Awry
07 Sandstorm
08 Knocking
09 Dirk
10 SFBossa
11 Sacrifa
12 Patura
13 Sad Romance
14 Thief

01 The Fighter Spirit
02 Laodicea
03 SFGeno
04 Words to a Lonely Song
05 The City
06 Reflective Sky
07 Washu's Heartache
08 Crystal Forest

01 Fwacho
02 Lost City Touch
03 Alan's Gag
04 The Play - Opening
05 The Play - Battle
06 Vashti's Dance
07 When We Were Legends
08 BFE
09 Kemp's Jig
10 Endless Rain
11 Government
12 Strolling
13 Hero 1
14 Hero 2
15 Hero 3
16 Hero 4
17 Enter
18 Bennet
19 Phalax
20 Pale
21 Rosa
22 Kygar
23 Kavax
24 Exmus
25 Traziun
26 Sweet Dreams
27 Nocturne 55
28 I Could Be Happy
29 Fashion Botique
30 Contentment Is
31 The Fight
32 Tower

Re: Music tracking (again)

PostPosted: Thu May 14, 2020 6:04 pm
by EmperorJeramyu
SalvationsName I have in a random folder I assembled from all the Way music folders I had at some point, but I can't find it in any of the ones I currently have. The fact we apparently knew it was an original midi? tells me it must've been listed as such in the credits of some episode at some point, and thus used, but I've got nothing (nor any memory of hearing it in game).

Abuta I'm fairly positive was never used. The rest I don't have any strong memory of hearing in the actual games, but it's hard to plumb the depths of my mind for every version of every episode I played.

I updated the links on the main post. Even fixed a few names/managed to find better links for a few. Everything should be working now.