Lexus' Theme (Stratovarius - Coming Home) Remix

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Lexus' Theme (Stratovarius - Coming Home) Remix

Postby Luhny » Sun Jul 30, 2006 3:23 pm

Hi people!

I am currently working on remixing Lexus' Theme which you all might know is actually Coming Home by Stratovarius.

You can get the current quick demo I've made today here:

At first I've just imported the midi file in Propellehead's Reason 2.5 to asign high quality instrumens, generic midi is just awful ;)
There I figured out that a piano instead of the accoustic guitar would sound really nice. Then I simply laid a pad over the keyboard chords so that you have this "cloudy, shiny" background doodling.
It gets interesting - at least for me, heh - at about 1:11, when the drums and the distorted guitars begin. I tried not just to play along with all the original notes and chords, especially in the rythm section.

Of course there is alot of balancing in the panorama as well as adjusting the volumes of the instruments to do. But I thought I should provide you with a short demo and well, that's it so far. Feedback of what you think about it so far would be nice. Serious critism is always welcome!

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Postby Cedus » Sun Jul 30, 2006 3:40 pm

Hey, this is really cool. The beginning wavy layer (up to about 0:28) didn't sound quite right the first time I listened when put against the piano (bit too fast?), but I haven't noticed that listening to it again... Maybe my ears are weird? Anyway, good luck with this, it's pretty rockin' so far.
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Postby dyyhpys » Sun Jul 30, 2006 11:32 pm

Its good, if I thought for a second I could probebly tell you a flaw of some kind, but right now I dont even feel like moving my foot.

Again: Its good, even though I never liked lexus or her music very much. Keep it up.
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