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Re: Best soundfont to use with The Way?

PostPosted: Wed Aug 17, 2011 9:52 pm
by Sage Of The Wise
I wasn't even really aware you could change this stuff. I'd be interested in looking into it. I guess I'm using whatever is default. I wonder if other setups wouldn't cause that rm2k glitch where all the midi instruments are changed to piano.

Re: Best soundfont to use with The Way?

PostPosted: Sun Aug 28, 2011 1:40 pm
by EmperorJeramyu
Since I'm probably the only one who knows anything about this, and gives a shit, I guess I'll feel compelled to answer.

I'm not exactly sure if it's possible to actually just change your soundfont by having the right file. I used the hideously overpriced Pistonsoft Direct Midi to MP3 converter to convert midis into giant bloated WAV files and just swapping out the music folders. It comes with a pretty decent soundfont called Chorium, which does every instrument pretty well. The only other one I used was Frank Wen's Fluid soundfont, which does piano and real instruments very well, synth not so much. Be noted that pretty much all of these soundfonts have really shitty electric guitars.

As far as changing the actual soundfont, your best bet is probably the Yamaha S-YXG50 softsynth. Getting it to work however is such a convoluted process that I'm pretty sure I repressed my memories of how to actually do it from the sheer trauma. In any event, I know it only works on Windows XP.

Re: Best soundfont to use with The Way?

PostPosted: Mon Aug 29, 2011 12:52 pm
by X-Calibar
*clears throat*
The bots are gone! Horray!...

...But, my account and my posts are too.. >< Whyyyyy me
Sage of the Wise... you are the thread creator now 8)

The original topic was something like this :
Not really the original wrote:Soundfonts can completely change the sound of The Way's midi music...
Although only some soundcards support soundfonts out of the box, like some Creative soundcards.

Here's an example of the difference they make in Brave Soul (another MIDI based game) -

Here's what the game sounded like on my soundcard before switching a soundfont (not bad) :
Example 1 - Example 2 - Example 3

Here's the PersonalCopy soundfont I used when I first played this game (and The Way) (nice) :
Example 1 - Example 2 - Example 3

And here's what it sounded like after I personally mixed and matched the soundfonts (my fav) :
Example 1 - Example 2 - Example 3

The best free soundfont I found so far, and the one I used for my journey along The Way :
PersonalCopy v5r2

What is your favorite soundfont to use with The Way?

@Sage Of The Wise -
I've never seen the piano glitch, or a out of tune problem happen; although once the midi stopped playing until I restarted the game. Maybe it depends on your drivers/system/hardware setup...

PS - I e-mailed/PMed you on another forum... feel free to disregard that! It was about how I couldn't logon and couldn't find a way to register/contact anyone on the forum... Since I started editing some The Way songs, I didn't want to be kicked out yet...

@EmperorJeramyu - I hadn't heard about that Direct MIDI to MP3 converter... Although I had a similar software program called WinGroove ages ago. This was back when 56k was fast...

I wonder if the Yamaha S-YXG50 softsynth can load sf2 soundfont files? But, only XP? I wonder if there are other programs like that out there...

Replacing the music with huge wav versions, you did that too? I actually started to replace a few songs with WAVs too, since I was editing the music a little bit...

I will post the results on these songs sometime~!
I've only done Tower and AReflectiveSky so far...

Re: Best soundfont to use with The Way?

PostPosted: Mon Aug 29, 2011 11:19 pm
by X-Calibar
Okay, I made a little recording of the ****final two areas**** of the game featuring :
Tower and A Reflective Sky ... edited (using various instruments and effects; and adding some duplicate tracks and transposing sections; and plenty of volume edits...)
(listen in HD if possible, for best audio quality)

It's far from perfect, but I thought maybe you'd like to see it.

That crazy instrument in Tower was really hard to choose an instrument that sounded right for it.
Tried to make A Reflective Sky sound epic, and ahhh it's tough to find the right sound. Went with the orchestra sound... It's too bass heavy STILL, even after all sorts of editing... probably gotta figure it out.

What do you think? Any good?

I kind of wanted to do some other songs too... It's a no brainer I should try to do the main song of The Way, and I'd like to do Lexus' song probably... I definitely want to do the Club song lol.