Ep.1 bunny goodness

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Ep.1 bunny goodness

Postby Ninja Duck » Tue May 27, 2008 12:04 am

I know no one's in the habit of actually fixing these bugs, but I'm putting them here for posterity.

After getting all the endings in EP 6 (as far as I know) I decided to play through EP 1 a little. I played around with the rabbit race part more than I should because I wanted to see what would happen if I killed people. (Wasn't there something about Wes and that one chick getting lynched if you kill people? Or am I remembering that wrong?)

One time during the race, Rhue somehow managed to take a step downward. This meant that that the red swiftfoot ran into him, and never crossed the finish line before I picked him up. Because Rhue was standing in the wrong place, the scripted sequence where he tries to run went wrong, and he ended up on the left of the two civilians who block him (you know what I mean). It was kind of funny because all the people ran from him in any direction they could, even up the mountain. Rhue could kill the two guys standing there (and not anyone else), but he couldn't cross over to the right side and escape. I don't know how to reproduce this, but if I do I'll post a screenshot.

The next time I tried to do the judging practice puzzle, and I chose the rabbit who got last place every time. The guy evaluating me said I couldn't judge the competition and told me to get lost, then the screen went black and I had to hit F12. I guess this was a possibility that was never fully developed. What would happen if Rhue never got Dippy back? He might have settled down, spirits crushed. A lot less people would have died.
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Re: Ep.1 bunny goodness

Postby Sage Of The Wise » Tue May 27, 2008 8:00 pm

I looked at the coding for the second one and its supposed to have you just do it again, but instead of just looping the code it just teleports you to the same square you're already in, which I think causes the problem.
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