EP 2 and Universal bug list

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EP 2 and Universal bug list

Postby Stedar » Fri Aug 15, 2008 2:43 pm

There are a few bugs I found in Ep 2 and a few suggestions to stop some graphical errors universally, not sure if Lun will check this/update the games currently.

1. In the map(s) before Lide, battles in the upper right hand corner (with battles OFF) take you into the battle and have an instant win - there's like two there. Not sure if anyone has reported this.

2. In the first map of the Monster Den after Round 1 of the tournament, on the right hand side there is a solitary monster battle which also takes you into the battle and gives an instant victory.

3. Before the first round of the tournament begins, when talking to Kygar, his original faceset is used. (Not the newer Mob Pixelle one)

4. Universal:

When Rhue jumps, the coding does not include anything about stopping blinking and the normal movement speed which is set varying and changes every once in a while. On this most recent playthrough, I realized that because there's nothing stopping/pausing these two events during the jump, it often gets interrupted and messes up the nice animation. To fix this, you could add in a Switch off to turn off the blinking as well as the movement speed event aswell.

P.S. In Episode 1, I found a random bug in the cave with Gaius. I believe it occured because the jumping messed up. the corners of the cave paths were above Rhue's head and I could no longer use any jump spots, trapping me in the little cove with gaius. After messing around in the menu and tapping enter everywhere, I was finally able to get across. I believe this glitch is repeatable because I got it twice. (or it could randomly be my computer?)

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