Some Bugs

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Some Bugs

Postby Jabbo » Sat Mar 07, 2009 5:02 pm

I don't know if Lun is still fixing bugs, but here they are:

The moves Concentration (# 173) and Thin Air (# 103) don't do anything. The box that needs to be checked regarding which stat they increase is left unchecked, so the moves will always fail. Concentration should have Attack checked and Thin Air should have Agility checked. This is true in all episodes.

In Episode 6, there's a bug with the chests containing Mend Stones. These chests are located:
1: Episode 6 Maps -> The City -> The Lost City -> The Sewers -> Room 1, the chest near the bottom of the map.
2: Episode 6 Maps -> The City -> Other Houses -> Shack, the chest in the corner.
3: Episode 6 Maps -> The City -> Other Houses -> The Business, the chest in the top right corner.

Currently, depending on what you do, you can end up with three Mend Stones or one Mend Stone and two Heart Stones from the same starting stats. If I'm guessing correctly, you're supposed to get exactly one Mend Stone from the either of the first two chests unless you missed a Mend Stone from a previous episode, then you can get both. If that's the case, then Chests 1 and 2 should be:

Temp = # of Mend Stones
If Light Mend is learned
..Temp += 1
If Light Mass Mend is learned
..Temp += 1
If Moderate Mend is learned
..Temp += 1
If Moderate Mass Mend is learned
..Temp += 3 (because you've forgotten Light and Light Mass)
If Switch for Chest 3 (in The Business) is On
..Temp -= 1 (to make sure that if somehow you got this one first, it doesn't count against you)
If Temp <= 2

Alternately, if you just want to make sure that Rhue doesn't learn anything past Moderate Mass Mend, then all three chests should be:

If Moderate Mass Mend is learned
..If Moderate Mend is learned
....If Mend Stones >= 1
....If Light Mass Mend is learned
......If Mend Stones >= 2
......If Light Mend is learned
........If Mend Stones >= 3
..........GET MEND STONE
........If Mend Stones >= 4
..........GET MEND STONE

In Episode 2, map Episode 2 Maps -> E2Map8 - Day 2 -> Tavern-UpperFloor3, the mirror in Kygar's room should be "Same Level as Hero" so you can actually access it. I don't think anyone's ever thought to report this.

In Common Event 108, about 1/3 of the way down in the Mend skills learning section, the part where you learn Heavy Mass Mend requires you to already know Heavy Mass Mend. It should only require Heavy Mend. Not that there are enough Mend Stones for that, but I figured I'd point it out anyway.

Edit: A couple more.

In Ep6, when you buy your house (located at position 70, 139 in The City) activates the wrong switch so you can't ever use the nearby teleporter. It should be activating switch 2108, not 2106. This is true of both page 1 and 2 of the event.

Somehow in Ep6 I managed to lose Triple Slash so that when I finally absorbed the Silver Stone I got Driver again. Unfortunately I have no idea when or where that happened, as I'd been through almost the entire episode before I noticed.

Also on the stats page in Ep6, your weapon's Attack power is added into your Focus stat and it probably shouldn't be. Common Event 212, just a slight bit down, where Variable 944 is set to Rhue's attack, it should instead be set to the Focus variable (Variable 301). The same is true for Poise.

In the Gharon battle (Monster Party #148), Rhue is saying "Something bad is coming..." too often. Page 43, with it being said every 13x turns, needs to be deleted.

Some of the Transcendent skills aren't being removed properly. Under Remove Illuminati and Hatassasar (Common Events 237 and 239), Rhue needs to forget Revive and Revive 2 (skills #15 and #20). Under Remove Pandamaare and Aionsluh (Common Events 235 and 241), the switches for XL Retainer need to be turned off, namely switches 814 and 815. Under Remove Pandamaare and Hatassasar, switches 818 and 819 for Guardian Angel need to be turned off. Tri-Ultra is turned off in "Remove Pierce Skills," but Solo Strike, Dual Shock, Triple Complex, Single Sin, and Twin Fear are not turned off anywhere. Barrucha Call probably ought not to be removed from Remove Pandamaare Skills as well, though it seems to be getting added back in in Common Event 20.

Piercer level 6 does not have stats (I think this is true in all Episodes). It should have 32 Attack, 92% Hit, and 8% Crit.

In the Scene when you find Dyson (Episode 6 Maps -> The City -> The Scene -> The Scene Party, position 14, 34), it says you gain +2 Focus, +2 Will, and +2 Poise, but it doesn't actually add that to your stats.

After you finish the Road to the Tower map, if you go back to the Mine Cart Puzzle area and try to exit going forward, the screen turns black and never lightens again. This is because there's no command to lighten the screen again, but even then the Road to the Tower map still thinks you're in a mine car. The best way thing to do is probably just to turn on a switch at the end of the Road to the Tower (Episode 6 Maps -> The City -> Mine Cart Puzzle -> Road to the Tower, location 44, 72), and then add a page at (Episode 6 Maps -> The City -> Mine Cart Puzzle, location 53, 8) where Rhue just says "Bad idea" like he does in the Cavern City map. You'd have to edit all four exit events for Mine Cart Puzzle. This won't cause any problems since there's a teleporter later and you never need to get back to that area.
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