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Demo Day!

Postby AznChipmunk » Mon Jul 09, 2007 11:55 am

Haven't posted in a while... >_<

I'm here to inform about an event called Demo Day, that took place a couple of days ago, at Township Games.

Demo Day is an event where amateur game makers release something of their projects, to show the community what they have been doing. We will have one about every other month.

We had a total of 12 releases, which is a pretty large amount for the first one to take place at Township Games. This was originally a tradition that took place at Ghostlight Games, which merged with two other communities to form Township Games.
We will also be holding a 3-hour game competition. This is an event where we each try to make the best game in a time limit of 3 hours.
We also have another Ghostlight tradition where we have a podcast where we talk about the games recently released, and listen to random hilarity. xD

The release topic can be found here: ... 139&t=2547
Discussion topic: ... 139&t=2548

These games are pretty cool, you guys should check them out. Play the games, join our growing community, and discuss them. =P

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