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Postby fwacho » Thu Jan 10, 2008 3:43 am

Tactician Czanos wrote:I still stand behind the theory that Rhue's sword was destroyed because the Phantom Slasher didn't believe that Traziun was corrupt. This could also explain how Lyrra gets in, as Jeruh might still see her as an innocent.

I also thought of a possible flaw in my theory, being when Rhue/Mimic goes flying through the mists at the end of ep. six. (If that is indeed what he is doing. A fact I firmly believe) If this is indeed true, I wouldn't necessarily expect erupting geyser mists to stay in the air that long, unless the streams are monumental.

Now that those are out of the way, time to ask the question I originally came here for.

I was recently replaying through the phantom scenes, and two questions came to mind. First, when speaking to the Phantom, he states that there is only one person Rhue really knows in the entire city. Is he talking about Rhue himself, or perhaps the Phantom Slasher?

Secondly, assuming the Phantom is Lun, (may ten thousand enemies curse his name and ten hundred-thousand praise him,) I got the distinct impression that his paintings reflect his previous projects in life. (Games he made, books he wrote, people he knew. . . ) Assuming this is so, would anybody have an idea about what the broken painting signifies? A lot of people believe it signifies the way, but I feel that the painting in the child's knee is much more closely related to the way, and I am reluctant to believe that he would make two paintings depicting the same event.
Am I right, misguided, or dead wrong?

Sorry for having such long posts. . .

I'll tackle this one then go to bed. The painting really does signify "the Way" Imagine how much fun this game woudl be if teh mysterious were handed to you on silver plater. Many people want to know the whole truth and accept nothing less, but reality is that at most we know only a little about anything. So when Phantom admires the painting missing its center piece and like it better that way so Lun sees the game as better the way it is. I promise you the truth was written and is in a notebook, Lun's heart and one other person's. Were the whole picture to be visible, where would the challenge be? what would cause you to stare and look? Rather Lun chose to hide the truth from plain sight and the gamer discern what he could of what is missing (and even have a pretty accurate guess, if they took their time to think about it). The challenge of the mystery is reward in and of itself.

Reality is kind of like that. What fun would it be if you knew what was going to happen. Isn't it so much better that way. yes you know it will be sunny tommorrow, but if you aren't looking you'll miss that cloud that looks like the mona lisa floating by. and suddenly you have to rely on oteh rpeopel to make sure you won't miss things. Or youcan be lazy and misss them without feelign regret for knowing what you're missing.

Perosnally I like the whole picture. It beautiful, but on some mornings the partial one is so much better. because then I can pretend it's now I want it to be.

As of the child painting imagine what your best piece of work looks like next to the sistine chapel. so our children's doodle's pale in comparisons to true masters. And so Lun dof's his hat to the true masters. Only one person in the world is the best at anything. you're doing well if number 1 million (that put's you in top .01 percent)

I've seen a very sweet fan art of the mists. some day I hope Lun will post it for you as well. they're real.. but as in all things in life they may not be exactly what you expected... they could be much, much worse.

here' an idea.. did any one try BISHOP with the letters to the side on the keyboard as the second keyword? or perhaps there is a religeous character whose name is the second word. or maybe it's Jeruh. Lun hasn't told me what it says either.
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Postby Phantom Slasher » Mon Feb 18, 2008 11:48 am

Found something else of interest that I don't think I've seen mentioned anywhere before. During the BA5 quests, specifically the Melbis one, telling the bouncer that you have some A.R.C gets you through unharmed. Looking through the character sets shows that Kavax's Plunge set is labeled WayArena_6_Arc. Could this mean anything, or am I looking way too deep?

Edit 1: Just found something else new. In the map "Phantom Lair Stairwell", on the right side of the map there's a picture. The right half of the map contains a note stating "Or perhaps... two thousand." Also, the right half of the painting in The Girl's home contains the note "A picture is worth a thousand words."

Edit 2: In the Grand Arena, a blue haired woman on the upper level on the right has this note :
Why leave this woman here? No one ever sees her and yet she's still here.
Why hesitate to delete her? I don't know. My plans always grow greater and greater and I thought I'd need her. But now new things occupy my mind.
So I'll just let her stand idle, unseen, and unkown to the average person.
But maybe she'll occupy someone else's mind someday.
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Postby Rangi42 » Thu Feb 21, 2008 11:25 am

@Phantom Slasher: Yeah, I've noted your discoveries in my Easter Eggs and Secrets guide[/advertisement].

Wasn't A.R.C. something Jopaga was making?
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Postby Sage Of The Wise » Thu Feb 21, 2008 2:41 pm

From what I remember, all the things Jopaga made were just numbered. Like, formula 43 was the aura seperation one, 33 was the one being made for Scatha. Thats all the ones i think were secifically mentioned.

Also, i noticed you still have the Treasure Trove listed as inaccessible in the guide, even though its not.
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