Rhue for forerunner now???

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Re: Rhue for forerunner now???

Postby McPhearson » Thu Jun 04, 2009 10:18 pm

Requiem wrote:
Angel_OA wrote:
I had a thought that maybe Venge WAS the Lord Below. He corrupts the Illuminati, they try to kill him but he owns them, absorbing all of their auras and becoming...something new.

I believe the widely believed theory is that Venge is the Lord Below's son that rose up against him though.
I've been out of the picture for about a year so could someone please update or correct me if I'm wrong?

No, no, listen. This is, of course, my own bag of theories and speculation (mostly), but here's how I'm thinking it went down.

Janwen's going to hell, pretty literally. A bunch of Illuminati are awoken and taken up by some seriously bad-enough dudes so they can go and kick the Lord Below's butt, restoring peace, order, and sunshine.

The Illuminati-Lyn, let's call them, hack n' slash their way through five-thousand and seventy-two floors of the Pits, murdering tons and tons of Lessers as they go along.

Now, as we were told in the game, all weapons have the ability to absorb auras. However, most can only absorb fragments. What makes Shadow Swords, and, I'm assuming, their predecessors, the Illuminati, so powerful, is the ability to absorb WHOLE auras.

BUT I further assume that the Illuminati don't INEVITABLY MENTALLY DESTROY THEIR WIELDERS like the Shadow Swords do, that being one big difference between 'em.
That is to say, while the Illuminati could absorb whole auras, the Shadow Swords would absorb whole auras WHILE weakening the owner's original ties to HIS SOUL.

Anyway, back on track.

On level five-thousand and seventy-three, the Illuminati-Lyn run into a miniboss called Venge. The Illuminati-Lyn who would eventually become Rhue tears Venge apart, and the Illuminati absorbs the vile creature's aura. The Lord Below is pretty pissed about having his son murdered, so he rushes out and the final boss music starts playing.

The Illuminati-Lyn are doing pretty good, and leave a nasty scar on the Lord Below's brow. The Lord Below, despite realizing how much of a total chick magnet scars can be, freaks out and unleashes his super-omega attack.

This shockwave, as we are told, "decimated the AURAS of all living creatures for miles and miles around." Notice how it says aura. Only the aura. Of living creatures. Not body, not soul, not mind, but aura. In this same shockwave, the Illuminati are corrupted into Shadow Swords.

NOW. These newly created, seriously bad-news Shadow Swords are, presumably, still in the hands of the now aura-less Illuminati-Lyn. With no more original aura of their own, and a Shadow Sword held tight in their fingers, guess what happens?

Oh yes, ALL the auras in those swords start vying for control of the body of their wielder. In the case of the Illuminati-Lyn now known as Eventually-Rhue, Venge was the big winner.

A similar thing likely happened to all the other Illuminati-Lyn, but let's assume the Lord Below was not a big time player and had only one son.
The other Illuminati-Lyn were likely now controlled by the auras of some fairly tough Lessers, but nothing the Lord Below would really care too much about. He probably either, A) Killed them, because they still looked exactly like the dudes that had just finished cutting him deep, or B) Sent them off to do some minor stuff that history cares not to recall.

BUT, let's say the Big El Bee had a soft spot for his son, Venge. Even though he was now in the form of the Evil One's most terrible enemy, the Lord Below could not bring himself to kill his own child. Rather, he banished his son to the Middle Way to do what he will. Venge's new appearance should let him blend in quite easily up there, he figures.


Wow, I just typed a lot. Forgive my mad rambling. Hopefully it's semi-coherent.

Just found this post, and I have to say that when put humorously and linearly like that, the backstory sounds surprisingly plausible.
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