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The True Meaning of Strata's Theme.

PostPosted: Sat May 15, 2010 11:32 pm
by sobo
This entire song is a fight. Like a battle throughout between two people. Its like from princess mononoke right in front of iron towns gates, left down below the highrise of the entrance if you’re facing the entrance. And so these two guys hate each other but its like a hate from hey Arnold when Harold and Arnold get into a fight over the rose shop and they don’t talk to each other until they are very old and they still don’t, but that’s the outcome and this is actually what happens; this leads up to the decision that they actually make to become friends again by forgetting their difference. Come to think of it that’s an extremely good example of what I’m trying to talk about. Its not like they are trying to kill each other, these two guys I mean. so for their entire lives they just hate each other in this way when one day they met up and realized that they weren’t enemies, but best friends like they faintly remembered being in their very early childhoods, the kind of friends who care about one another and who have each others back when either of them need it.. Much like hey Arnold which was described earlier. The most beautiful part of this song is that even though when it makes you smile just knowing that these people are friends again exactly like from hey Arnold it brings an even move beautiful aspect to come up. This is when the song has no other instruments playing besides that one strong and amazing tone that just makes me so happy. The tone you always look forward to at the very start of the song and then until the very end. Its incredible how much better I feel after knowing that these two guys will be friends until their last dying breathes. If you didn’t understand what I am talking about like with the ending sole instrument part, here’s something that will help to explain what exactly this part of the song really mean and that is that they end up realizing that they should be friends and not only that, they will remain friends and really, truly enjoy their lives until they both die at a very old age. This isn’t some phony act of good will stuff, it was a legitimate forgiveness on both parts and this part of the song, the ending, to make it even more clear, confirms this beautiful idea.

I'm sorry for the length, mistakes, and all other shit.

Re: The True Meaning of Strata's Theme.

PostPosted: Tue May 25, 2010 7:11 pm
by sobo
its just a thought guys, damn.