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A few thoughts on a possible solution. Spoilers.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 23, 2020 2:26 pm
by Tackarii
I'm reposting from the end of the topic "Old Post" since I feel I went off in my own direction here. The pics referrred to below are those seen in Jopaga's Lab incident, and are found posted in the "Old Post" thread by Sage and X-Calibar

Begin re-post
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 22, 2020 1:08 pm

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Necro, but all posts are necro now, so forgive me.

Thought on the red pic: It's the only one from Venge's point of view, after he cut the Lord Below and, per the little sewer poem from under the waterfall, that caused a rush of red mist to blast up to Janwen. The Bright light is either the sun, or the Lord Below sending his aurablast attack.

If so, maybe this would be Venge's last memory with a personal Aura. And he didn't die from it, so it sticks. For the mist, M20 man also mentions red mist. Also, Fwaccho said
fwacho wrote:
I've seen a very sweet fan art of the mists. some day I hope Lun will post it for you as well. they're real.. but as in all things in life they may not be exactly what you expected... they could be much, much worse.

And a final bit of interest on the sewer poem being in Lun's mist idea are a few Notes from just before Rhue's party opens Jeruh's cell:
Note: The frame is a still shot. Paused till I play it out. The script may be boring though.
Having a co-writer with completely different ideas is difficult.
Note: I've looked at a few scripts. They didn't make me happy at all.
That's precisely why I always write my own with an editor in tow.
Note: It turns out the way I want it that way. And even if I don't like it, it seems right. Right as
rain, ripped from the clouds by the earth's dense core.

Which is a clear reference to the sewer poem/note. And it's meaning, I'd say.

Less useful: There is also an enemy golem/earth boss in the Phantom's Edge called "Core". I don't know how to reconcile being in PS vs something the Lord Below had (even though his 'saw' broke, it may have gotten a bit of it), but dang...that baddy seems like it's also touching this point. Maybe the saw broke into the swords, lol. I digress.

Getting into history beyond the art above here, but hey:
What follows Venge cutting his father would be the mist geyser into Janwen and the aura blast - (which may be the same thing. I can really see a church being built on 'get away from the zombie mist! We'll protect you now that the Lyn made this mess'. And that eventually turning into a power game of 'Tetzel says', and 'Lyn are stupid'. Look up the real-life Tetzel, just saying)

Then the supposed shadow blade massacre between the auraless wielders (per Sage's idea), which Venge with his father's aura driving him would win, and then be the only one to come eat up any few survivors in Janwen, placing M20 in the sword. That would allow a period long enough from the mist to the sword taking M20 man that he can recall the mist before his death, perhaps. Then who knows which kill swapped the aura after that. As for why Venge didn't get his Aura back over time per Jopaga's claim that they regrow...well, Venge was holding an aura eating sword all the time? Also, Cade certainly didn't seem to 'get his aura back' so Jopaga may be sugar-coating that pill a bit...

While on the topic of Venge...Avenge may have been his name before he lost something due to the Lord Below. And he almost certainly had something to avenge since we know he turned against his father. I really tried to see if The Girl being his human Girl and dying due to Lord Below's order pre-"Fires of Janwen" could fit, but for her to be in a blade that was in all likelihood outside the Lord Below's power I can't see it without a whole mess of suppositions.

Which leads me to another tangent on the Mimic: A thought about how/why Mimic may work differently than other shadow swords. Maybe already known? Sorry if so, but if not...
- The empty vessel of a body may mean the auras can just fight for control, with the winner getting the body. The losing auras don't commit suicide, just regress into the quietness of the sword. Over-simplified, cuz Rhue ain't exactly sane, but you get the gist.
- Vs in a normal body with an aura: Perhaps if the wielder succumbs to the auras the auras simply can't take his place...his mind just breaks and he goes insane from the pressure/whispers. With no way for them to shift him under while a more dominant aura takes control, his mind is just chipped down until it's insane. Suicidally insane, to stop the voices, to be exact. They can influence the wielder, but if he ever loses hold of his sanity...he dead. Kalmar likely learned to prune the auras in his sword, if I had to guess.

All that could be grand. Or maybe not. But just adding my 2 cents.

- - - - - - - - - - - -
Back to the art:
2nd Thought on the red art: Pic of red and glint of light could possibly be the locket artistically covered in blood. I'm not certain, but it's another idea.

Thanks for letting me be a part of the community. I lurked forever as a guest and..yup. Finally joined, lol

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I'm a newb (comparatively. I've lurked for about 12 years I think) so forgive the excited posts from 'outside'. I state some things overly firmly below, and so I state here: Ignore/forgive my excitement.

That (likely) final addition unless I hear back from some other ghosts on here: If no other shadow sword makes you go comatose... since they make you kill yourself, go crazy, but not comatose. Then...well...We hear Jeruh, in the top of the tower, sharing what happened in the Landorin Stretch. The body with the sword in it. And the one comatose, babbling nonsense.
(Thank you Flashwit. Also for your LP that gave soooo much info. Really top-notch with the notes added below the screenshots!)

This, to me, confirms the identity of the person as near to completely as I need. And that said, it opens a lot of doors that open a lot of doors, and to me...ends up tying off several loose ends.

It leads to which sword was there being PS. And it was "Justice" or "Righteous Anger" motivated. While adults can't hold children accountable, a child can. And it was Jeruh's over-riding cause.

Which leads to how Midian got it when Jeruh dropped it in his self-made, not-the-swords-doing identity crisis (hinted in the same video above on Jeruh's account). Midian went back, and found it. Trained with it. But who would try to get the sword back?

Then I thought, who was the corpse, that the comatose person was becoming? Eyshua is the only one I can think of for the for if Eyashu was in the mimic body, then I'm stumped. But the corpse tells us the person.... could it be Abuta (or "nameless", if that is a curse word etc) who serves the Guided? The one time we see him take Mimic's body in game he fights the Lyn like Venge or Kava etc wouldn't. And he zealously wanted that more than any other aura's remaining desire. (Also I refuse to think it's a wholly nameless Mimic.)

Regardless of buying Aubuta being the one in charge in the Lyn fight scene, Aubuta (or nameless) would be a loyal, likely zealous, Guided servant sent to kill Eyashu, to protect the secret of The End of The Way. He would be the tool of the Guided, and would need to silence anyone who knew about the incident in Landorin (maybe removing the bodies, maybe the sword does that). And get their sword back. So they stalk the sword for years, and find Midian, eventually getting the sword and killing him with it...and then we get the older Midian inside the sword. His mission of zeal done, "Abuta" (or nameless Guided person) sinks under Midian's aura.

The rest is as we know it. Midian finds Jeruh, Jeruh is living as Rhue. Our game begins.

[One sticky point is how does Midian get back and take the sword before Aubuta wakes? I can imagine a few reasons, some involving the sword with Eyashu's aura being taken away before Mimic had resolved on who would lead. In the end, I settle that this is closer to answering many questions than other theories, and requires less of a leap to close the gaps.]

So in short:

Mimic's Body:
...->Aubuta->lost sword sequence (see below)->Midian->Jeruh's Rhue

Lost sword sequence:
From Aubuta (loses it)->Jeruh (finds uses and drops it)->Midian (finds and trains for years)->Aubuta (kills Midian with it and regains it)

It is the only sequence I can see where Midian meets the sword in a logical, non-plot-forcing way. Else the sword is magically happen-stancing on killing Midian after years doing who knows what with no-name characters. Also, the comatose thing really seals me to the killer being Mimic.

Aaand no other sword has the shadow body trait that we know of. Add to that that the tales spread by Tetzel are about PS, and only the PS, that suggests that it is the sword he HAD. And could have sent on a mission to sow fear for whatever reasons he was already doing that. Another (much less direct I admit) connecting fact that fits easily.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

And for laughs, here is a full sequence, including junk I haven't talked about and my own pet thoughts. Even if I state it as fact, it's all my opinion, so don't hurt me too much lol:

- Demon/Lord Below/Human (Uses this normal sword to kill Arcturus, who becomes Arctura inside the sword and makes the sword an Illuminati as all weapons pick up a bit of the aura of people they kill. A bit of a heavenly being is enough to make an Illuminati.)

Demon gets rid of it, as it's useless to him now. (Can't see an Illuminati being able to kill anyone a Demon would target, but who knows)
Lord Below ticks off son Avenge somehow (pet story about The Girl here. Hard to make it work, but SOMETHING ticked Venge off)

- Avenge renames to Venge at the loss, and picks up Illuminati to fight him. Something the Sword is on board with.

Soaks up bit of Lord Below and big ol aura-blasting mist-fest occurs (as cutting Lord Below causes geyser of red, per my above post)

- Venge becomes Mimic in blast, kills the other sword-holders and Janwen suffers. Guided teach to avoid demons, settling, mists, making Janwen-zombie-town the impetus for change that becomes a religion (though if only Venge's sword struck the Lord Below, is that really where shadow blades came from? Why are ALL the swords shadow blades? Did... Venge have the one that didn't show up, did a number on his dad alone, and the summoning pits deal was it's own fun times.)
- ...(various people, including M20 getting killed though likely not the leading aura)
- Kura (I wonder what his driving cause was that allowed him to be dominant?)
- Kavax/Kava (We know his...We also know his lover must have been killed enough before him for him to remember, and thus have reason to hate Kura enough to killed Guided camp...and later in the DE say he 'forgives' Kura.)
- ...(people)
- "Aubuta" (Zeal for Tetzel/Guided. Hates Lyn? Never has his over arching goal for the Guided achived, as Tetzel is not done yet?)
- Sword loss sequence
- Midian (Who in the sword says he has lost his taste for vengeance, when he hears Jeruh tell his story about the cursed sword. Again, forgiveness)
- Jeruh's Rhue (Serena)
- Moment of Aubuta in Lyn Keep
- Jeruh's Rhue (Serena)
- Destroyed sword (in my favorite ending) and the Vengeful side of Rhue (his original body's trait, but in the sword due to Jopaga-like attack of Lord Below) is left behind in the Blade (and he doesn't take up Ghost Horror)

- Our not-a-Mimic not-Rhue. Lives with Kloe, can't paint.

Or your selected ending of choice.

End repost

Thoughts? Can we trash this for any reason?

Thanks for the ride guys. Sorry if I'm barging in, please forgive. Just felt like closure I guess. This game's been...impactful, and I keep coming back.