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Replaying the Way

PostPosted: Sat Jun 01, 2013 6:54 pm
by hero_bash
Okay so I decided to play The Way again after a good 5 or so years. I'm using a sort of combination of cheat and no cheat, basically I just cheat it out when it gets frustrating repeating the same battle/plunge over and over again (Hey I got a job so I don't have much time to waste).

Anyway, as of EP6 I became dependent on Jabbo's FAQ. It still amazes me to think how people know what to do without some sort of guide. I would have missed like 90% of this episode's content if not for the walkthrough. And then the inevitable arrived, the end of the incomplete walkthrough. Now it's in the mines and I'm fairly confident in solving it but not on getting all spoils or whatever in the dungeon.

Now did anyone legitimately finished The Way without any help or looking in the source rm2k project for help? Is it even possible?

Also now I'm worried since I don't know when he branching of diffferent endings would start since I want to try going through all of them

Re: Replaying the Way

PostPosted: Sat Jul 27, 2013 12:01 pm
by Hentai
You are close to the game end, so I doubt you can miss much and it's also fairly easy to complete the remaining stuff..
Check my post below with the ultimate save for all endings + ways to get them, if you don't want to complete the remaining stuff.
Trust me you miss like what.. 1 hour(maximum 2) of gameplay, which doesn't even reveal you anything until you get to the point where my save files are at.

Also I wouldn't realy suggest playing through chapter 6 to anyone, who hasn't got much time.. the chapter 6 itself doesn't realy reveal anything during the playthrough, only beginning and the end of chapter 6 have some story value, so you don't miss much if you start chapter 6 and then instantly watch all endings(it may be confusing, and you may think I lie or something, but it's confusing for everyone, and having played through chapter 6 doesn't help with that at all)

I am fairly certain that I also found all the secrets after the walkthrough + I found a few more secrets than walkthrough has, but since I finished so long ago, I can't tell exactly which chapter they were in, 1 was certainly in chapter 6, but 1 or 2 may be in 1-5 chapters.

And yes, game is easy to complete without walkthrough(at least episodes 1-5 are very simple, 6 on my opinion is almost a different game and can be quite difficult to understand from time to time)
Some stuff is realy easy to miss though, I agree... on my 2nd playthrough, when I wanted to have EVERYTHING gathered, I used walkthrough quite a lot.(the 6th chapters plunging challenges were a breeze with that, even before I absorbed all stuff)

PS: they most likely used the rpg maker editor to find the secrets in this game(you can easily check all stuff you may want there)