Ultimate ending save file pack + LOTS of spoilers


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Ultimate ending save file pack + LOTS of spoilers

Postby Hentai » Thu Feb 28, 2013 4:40 pm

Okay, I will start out with why I am posting that save pack I guess...

Well, probably because I really think episode 6 isn't developing much throughout the game itself, most of the story develops ONLY in the endings. I almost guarantee you will figure out 99% of the stuff you would figure by playing the whole episode 6 just by watching the endings and intro of episode 6 after finishing episode 5.
I agree, some sub quests offer some information.. but it's more optional even to the story itself. And some side quests were actually pretty interesting, if it wasn't for endless grind that comes with the challenges...

I am perfectionist, and probably that's the reason episode 6 drove me insane... tons of hidden places, could barely find some sidequests.. some hidden places are still a mistery to me(a few that weren't mentioned even in the jabbo's guide), one of those secret places is taking place after his guide ends and it bothers me the most.. even now XD
It's in the right wall not too long before core, you can go through the wall(by moving to the right and then going down) and end up in a small room(while in same area) but it's totally empty with no interaction and anything.

Basically, about the save file now:
This probably has 99% of all notch items throughout all episodes and all of them are absorbed(well, in save file 15 actually 1 item is 1 battle from being absorbed lol)
I also beat every single mini game...(I think some took me the same time it took beating small episodes like episode 1 for example..)
Party is lvl 18.
All trans swords are max lvl, All trans def auras are max lvl.

Oh and a bad point is that cesta is dead here, I actually liked her the most and got most relation points with her.(And I think you actually need to have low realtions with her for her to be alive or something.. I didn't realy get the idea, but whatever, she is dead, but you still have lexus, so it doesn't realy matter XD)

That should be enough to not have problems with any endings, but I will explain the strategy a little later too, in case you aren't common with episode 6 skills or just didn't reach high levels or more chars in there.

Save file quick walkthrough:
Normal/Lexus ending:
If you start with save 15, you go down(core boss near that save file is already killed, it doesn't reveal any story, so I didn't think it was neccessary to slow you down with that easy battle)
You end up in next area, just ignore the doors that lead to orbs, nothing to see there, it was a prerequisite to the reaches ending, I will keep it at that.

Middle path with door after it = The Reaches ending. I don't suggest trying it first though, so head to the left, the farthest door is the elevator..
It gets pretty straightforward after this... so just follow the story, see the starts of plot twists with Lyrra...

Eventually you will end up against boss Arctura(SAVE FILE 3 is also save point near this boss if you just want to skip to it for some reason, but I still suggest starting from save 15 and seeing the little story with Lyrra)

Strategy: Boss is pretty easy, shouldn't be problem with such stats. But to fasten this up - rhue XL transfer to lexus, midian blade 7 and then just attack with him, slade - civil skill set than xl transfer to lexus... with lexus do the oasis and then spam the thorns(or just spam the thorns, doesn't realy matter)
Boss should be dead in a few thorns, I didn't realy need healing here.. but if you do, medium mass heal from rhue is 150+ hp for everyone, so just use that XD

After a bit more story revelations, you get into plunge:
That plunge is realy a joke with such stats. You basically can't lose there.. for the fun of it, do drop attack with risk - if you get opponent to use cross attack and at the same time activate any of the damage auras, then he will get injury 4 and it will be 1 turn win :D

Also when you come by lexus: you can ask her a question and then decide if you want to stay with her or not(ask the question anyway, but for the normal ending, which I suggest first, ignore her)

That's it for normal/lexus ending.

Now about The Reaches ending:
You can use save file 6, which I actually suggest, it will skip 1 pretty long but not so hard battle and it doesn't realy skip any plot.
If you use save file 6, scroll down a bit, to the point where I tell it's boss nr 2 time.

So if you use save file 15, then go down, and this time go through that middle door in that area, save up and progress, you will end up in 1st boss battle...
Realy, nothing hard, just use same strategy as on Arctura boss(scroll up a bit if you need that strategy).. it may take longer than arctura though.

Now that boss is killed, continue until next save point and save up again..

Boss nr2 time... Now that's what I call the boss! After seeing the pathetic normal ending boss/plunge battles I was realy pissed off cause I grinded for so long and stats didn't realy matter. Finally the grind pays off.. This boss would be hell without maxed out stats and weaps and everything.. and even with maxed out stuff, he still poses challenge(although small one)

If you used save file 6, just engage the battle, if you used save file 15 I highly recommend swapping out midian for sacrifa(the one that isn't in the party atm, that can be done by pressing esc and then clicking change)

Okays, start out with Rhue transfering XL to lexus, draw XL with sacrifa and slade, attack with lexus for now...
If you get XL seep3 on non lexus char - do panacea immediately, preferably with sacrifa. If you get XL seep3 on lexus - use her purge ability.
Your goal is to reach enough XL on lexus for Oasis.
Also spam some auras with sacrifa(transcended and oneness ones), then draw XL with him till he is needed to clean condition or mass heal.
When you got oasis and some auras up, it becomes much easier unless you already lost a character... either way if someone dies - use revive 2, it will ressurect with near full HP.
Start spamming thorn skill with lexus and keep the rhue/slade giving her XL whenever you can.

When rhue tells he senses something dangerous - next turn you need to defend with all chars(IMPORTANT!!!).. without defend it WIPES OUT your party completely even at full hp.(or even if it doesn't, it will still prevent you from winning that battle in the end, since he uses that move more than one time and you won't come back fast enough to resist 1 more of such attack)

Anyway, if you beat the boss, that's it, enjoy the ending.. if you can XD That realy is the hardest ending to understand out of them all in my opinion... well, either hardest one or the easiest one.. let's say this ending is too abstract for my tastes.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my little guide along with save files ^-^

Now for some questions I would realy like to ask myself to those of you who also beat the game:

1) If someone has beat the game with cesta alive, can you tell if that realy has at least a minimal impact on the ending?
If you beat the game with her alive, but didn't beat it with her dead, you can pick my save files and tell for sure, if you still remember the endings :)

2) When checking the Jabbo's FAQ(oh thank you for the job well done, you saved a few days of my life at the very least, which I would otherwise spend on figuring some switch minigames and other stuff...) I often found some Relation Points..
Well, the question is.. what did they effect in the end? I know lexus needed +10 for the ending and cesta(not sure, but probably needed some low amount for being available in episode 6)...
But what about rhue and other girls?
I finished the game with probably near to max Rhue points(according to jabbo at least) and good relations with all other girls..

Did that realy effect something in the end? If someone with low rhue points compares our endings, or if someone just knows the difference, then please tell me ^^

And rhue kills the girls in The Reaches ending despite the relationship it seems, so I don't realy see where those relationship points could come in handy in the end.

That's about it now, thanks again for reading!
The End of The Way.zip
Save file 3 - Save near the Arctura boss for Normal/Lexus endings.

Save file 6 - Save near the 2nd boss of The Reaches ending

Save file 15 - Choose your own way
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