A few of my own theories as of 2022

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A few of my own theories as of 2022

Postby navgame77 » Tue Aug 02, 2022 12:00 pm

Hail wanderers,

The last time I had played The Way, I agreed with the generally accepted theories that were discussed in the forum way back in 2008. After recently replaying The Way, I was left with a few questions and thoughts that differ from what previously was believed, so I wanted to propose what I believe to have happened. Because these theories are just completely my own from a recent play through, it will differ quite a bit from what's generally accepted.

A caveat: I've always played the way with battles and plunges off, so I might have missed some important crucial details. My post is completely from my own point of view based on what I know and saw from playing the game. That said, my theories are just theories, so feel free to share what evidence suggests otherwise and why you believe differently, or if you agree, or if you have some answers to unanswered questions here.

Finally, I haven't read the generally accepted theories in years to avoid influencing my current thoughts. Maybe some of the questions I have are already answered and I might have forgotten about those answers

Simple theory 1:
Jeruh had his shadow sword, didn't age for a while while Midian and Lyrra became adults. Midian killed Jeruh, took his sword, and absorbed his memories.

Theory 2:
You're some guy who's been living for hundreds of years (like the girl in red hair says in dream estrana). She's just some girl hundreds of years ago that you were hunting and killed. The sword is supposed to eventually cause you to kill yourself, but she said you found a bit of a temporary fix. I think the duct tape fix is that you've found a way to strongly absorb someone elses aura and make that the dominant one when the old dominant one is at a breaking point. At some point you killed Midian which is why he's in your dream and is dressed differently and looks differently than you (if you were Midian, you'd think that dream Midian would look like you, or look like you before you killed Jeruh which he doesnt), and then at another point you killed Jeruh. When killing Jeruh, you were at a breaking point for your dominant aura and ended up absorbing his. That's why he's in the tower as the dominant aura and you have his memories. Maybe you took on Midians memories as well before killing Jeruh, which is why you wanted to kill him and why the headhunter that's known you for a few weeks called you Midian.

Other questions / thoughts:

1. Why is Jeruh the one who is locked up?
Why do you have his memories in the first place? He's just someone you killed, but you've also killed a bunch of other people and it's not like you took over their memories.

a. The Phantom Slasher shadow sword was first picked up by Jeruh, so it made a tight bond with his Aura. However, if Jeruh lost his sword before death, you would have thought you were Jeruh from the moment you picked up the sword
b. Jeruh had the sword the whole time which was first picked up by Jeruh, so has a tight bond with his Aura. You killed him, took the sword, and now have his memories.
c. You're the guy from hundreds of years ago and found a way to make someone else's auras the dominant one when the old dominant one is about to break

2. Why is Midian an adult and Jeruh a kid?
Jeruh lost his shadow sword and Midian went to train with or without one. At some point, he has one and kills Jeruh with it. But either way, Jeruh is still a kid, so that means

a. The landorin massacre was a very recent event
b. Jeruh still had a shadow sword, Rhue didn't have one, killed Jeruh and picked up his shadow sword
c. Jeruh is not a kid, it's just the same sprite used but he's a teenager

Lyrra also seems to be a teenager so I'm thinking the Landorin massacre was a few years ago and not a very recent event.

3. Serena is not Chastas/Slades sister
Where did this come from? Serena was part of the Landorin Stretch. Both Slade and Chasta never mentioned being from the Landorin Stretch. Also niether of those two were killed even though all the other kids were killed. I think the mother mentioned something about punishing her younger sister, which means she either killed her, or sent her to Landorin and some other family took care of her. This would make fit in with the sister theory, but doesn't seem like that strong of a punishment compared to Chasta's, so I think Serena is just some girl from Landorin, and Slade's other sister isn't around in the game. Also, she knew Dirk and Rhue, so I think that says Rhue is probably on the older side, so is Chasta and Slade. Not young like Midian and Lyrra

4. How did Traziun give the sword cause for remorse?
I can't figure this one out. Any ideas why the sword would be destroyed and how Traziun gave it cause for remorse?

5. Gaius is Tetzel
When Rhue and the team went to find Tetzel to ask if Serena was dead, they found Gaius. Tetzel is known to be able to sense when someone on the Way dies so he can write their name in a book. When lyrra died, Gaius sensed it, so that makes me think Gaius is the all knowing Tetzel. Gaius also seems to have ties with the guided and Tetzel also has these ties. Finally, Gaius, or Tetzel, being a sort of god of the way is the one who decides that Rhue's shadow sword has gotten out of hand and believes he can destroy it.

Hopefully someone still browses this forum and joins in on the discussion!

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