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Get Installation Instructions here
Get Expanded Instruction Manual (doc)
Get Basic Instruction Manual (txt)

Video about How To Transfer Your Stats Between Episodes

Hard to read the text?
If the font (text) of the game is difficult to read, try downloading the font patch. Just download and open/run the file.
Close The Way if it is open and restart the game. In some cases you may have to restart your computer.

The Way has six episodes. Each is available for download below.

The Way
Episode 1 (7.1mb) ( torrent )

Episode 2 (7.6mb) ( torrent )

Episode 3 (10.3mb) ( torrent )

Episode 4 (10mb) ( torrent )

Episode 5 (16.4mb) ( torrent )

Episode 6 (20.2 megs) ( torrent )

Compilation of all 6 episodes (in a torrent only)

Non-English Versions

The Way (French)- Episode 1 (7.1mb)
The Way (French)- Episode 2 (7.9mb)

The Way (Italian) - Episode 1 (7.1mb)
The Way (Italian) - Episode 2 (7.1mb)

The Way (Deutsche)- Episode 1 (7.1mb)

Wanderers Guide Book (76k)

*Each Episode is separate from the others and must be downloaded separately. Character stats are passed between Episodes using a simple method. More details are included in the games.

Updated 8/22/2008
Crestfallen: Inception Act I and II (5.5mb)
Crestfallen: Ascension (self extracting zip- 4.8mb)

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